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Also we assure you that our performance is of highest quality, based upon the specialised knowledge provided by our employees.

In addition to that we are available to give you fitting advise on planning and installing computer-controlled technological assembly lines, conveyor- and industrial plants.

Verification of our quality is the collaboration with following companies:

  • -BMW
  • -AUDI
  • -VW

…and many more

Further acknowledgement of prime quality is the certificate PN-EN ISO 9001-2009.

We are your:
Partner in assembly
Service enterprise

Our company was established in June 1995 and first started out electrically installing machines and conveyor belts for the car industry. In 1998 building of switch cabinets was added to our service.

Since 2002 we also offer electrical planning (such as E-Plan, AutoCAD, ElektroCAD) used for several kinds of management including: industry, projects and construction matter. Computer operated industry facilities as well as customer services, in particular benefitting from our electrical planning.

APROTECH mainly focuses on car industry, though we do not limit our work to different sectors i.e. electricity generation, ventilation systems, air conditioners, water treatment facilities, lumber industry etc.

We primarily specialise in:
Electric Suspension Conveyor EMS
Electric Support Conveyor ETB
Transportation of Goods on Floor Level BTS
SKID Systems
Webbings / Transport Belts
Chain Conveyors
Lifting Stations
High-bay Racking
Logistic Installations
Robotic Systems


Company qualities include:

- Drafts targeted towards automation systems used to operate Machines and product line facilities (in order to visualise, transfer and gather data, measurements and alike)
- Switch cabinet installation: operation- distribution and feed cabinets (altering between documentations given by the client; alternatively designed by APROTECH if not provided)
- Assembly of entire plants suited for line facilities, retrofitting (upgrade work) of (complete or partial) machines and plants in the industrial network
- Assembly of industrial robots, additionally including their components
- Fully conducted project management
- Planning of EMS routes (Electric Suspension Conveyor)
- Consultation regarding industrialised automation


1996-1998 Complex conveyor plant upgrade work for ROHBAU BMW in Munich.
1997 Conveyor plants designed for bumper-bars and built for FORD in Cologne.
1998 Switch cabinet installation and electrical assembly of production lines used for a new car model belonging to OPEL in Antwerpen, Belgium.
1999-2001 Switch cabinet installation and electrical assembly of all EMS-plants for PL2 at BMW, Dingolfing.
1999 Switch cabinet installation and electrical assembly of SKID-lines as followed by the project “preparation for a paintstop" at Mercedes Benz, Düsseldorf.
1999 Upgrade work of production lanes in final assembly lines for Volkswagen in Hannover.
2000 Electrical assembly on a new transportation line for wheel installation at AUDI, Ingolstadt.
2000 Upgrade work on polish film plants for AUDI, Ingolstadt.
2002-2006 Total construction management, electrical planning- and assembly of all PL2 plants for ROHBAU BMW in Regensburg.
2005-2006 Electrical planning- and assembly for MINI COOPER in Oxford, United Kingdom.
2006-2007 Mechanical and electrical assembly of new production lines for engine blocks belonging to KIA in China.
2007-2009 Electrical assembly for Irsching power station, working at units 4 and 5.
2008-2009 Mechanical and electrical assembly of new production lines for engine blocks belonging to FIAT in Verrone, Italy.
2008 Mechanical and electrical assembly of new production lines for engine blocks at FIAT in Pune, India.
2009 Electrical assembly of ventilation facilities for Irsching power station, unit 5.
2010-2011 Robot systems for ‘TÜREN-CENTER’ BMW in Regensburg.
2011-2012 Robot systems for the then current BMW 3 series at BMW, Leipzig.
2013 EMS, Robot systems and similar assemblies for BMW-LU, as well as BMW electric vehicles at BMW, Leipzig.
2014 Door production lines for project AU49X at AUDI, Ingolstadt.
2015 EMS-lanes for project G3X at BMW, Dingolfing.
2016 Robot systems for the current BMW 5 series at MAGNA in Graz, Austria.


oferty pracy

We are hiring:
Industrial locksmith
Electrical engineer
Industrial electrician
Robotics programmer
Software programmer


APROTECH Sp. z o. o.
Automatyzacja Procesów Technologicznych
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Site supervision:
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Personnel department:
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